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Kafka’s Metamorphosis at the Royal Opera House

Sep 28, 2011
Kafka’s Metamorphosis at the Royal Opera House

So violent and disturbing the body contortions were when George Samsa finally mutates into a man-like insect in  the new  play Metamorphosis at the Royal Opera House, that my eyes popped out and my jaw dropped to the floor seeing Franz Kafka's literary work interpreted with a new stage of physicality that will shake your existential sensations to the core. 

I really had no idea know how they would pull this off without using wild insect-costumes and props but Edward Watson, Royal Ballet's principal dancer, only uses his body and his extreme level of flexibility to breathe life into the role of Georg Samsa.  He contorts and folds his body into shapes that simulate insect movement: pulling and coiling his limbs, his hands become crabbed claws, his toes moving individually just like when a real insect does with its legs Read More »